2022-2023 Teams and Coaches

We are very excited to announce our tentative coaching list for the 2022-23 season ahead of tryouts:

Girls Teams and Coaches

2014G PDA IJoey Ursini
2014G PDA IIRyan Hart
2013G RedRyan Jones
2013G WhiteCarl Randecker
2012G RedAdam Garfinkle
2012G WhiteTBD
2011G RedDaniele Moreira
2011G WhiteTBD
2010G RedGeorge Arroyo
2009G RedDominic Grove
2009G WhiteMichael Keinath & Melanie Meyer
2008G RedDaniele Moreira
2007-05G Red (HS1)Ryan Jones

Boys Teams and Coaches

2014B PDA IMarty Farris & Meaghan McMilton
2014B PDA IIJonathon Glazebrook & Bryan Dunn-Ruiz
2013B RedBrian Brown
2013B WhiteBjorn Stromsness
2012B RedRyan Jones
2012B WhiteTBD
2011B RedChris Lonsdale & Matt Amaral
2011B WhiteJoe Sutherland
2010B RedDominic Grove
2009B RedEdgar Montes
2008B RedRyan Riley
2007B RedEdgar Montes
2006B RedJames Murray
2005B RedDominic Grove

The coach list is tentative & based on projected player/team registrations. If you are interested in any of the vacant positions, please contact me & let me know.

We also hope that we can move to 3 teams in some age groups but this will be decided during/after tryouts as players accept spaces on a Red team, White team & then blue team. The benefit of 3 teams in some of the younger age groups is a narrower talent band which means players are playing with & against players of a similar ability.