Welcome to Alameda Soccer Club

Providing the opportunity for all children to learn and play the game of soccer.

Style of Play

Our style of play is based on a progressive-possession based brand of soccer with an emphasis on recognizing when to possess the ball and when to penetrate by passing, dribbling or on the run while creating multiple chances to score. Defensive balance and security are encouraged with collective pressing and quick transition.

Alameda Values to support style of play

Create a positive learning environment for our players to reach their maximum potential in the game of soccer and to help them become healthy, upstanding citizens and family members through honesty, discipline, courage, teamwork, tireless work ethic and humility.

The collective above the individual, expression of talent through creativity, passion, intrinsic motivation and good attitude

Key Elements in attack

  • Ball possession (primarily ball on the ground)
  • Creative play - exploiting space
  • Decision making - playing forwards or possess to play forwards
  • Attacking with numbers
  • Using goalkeeper as a player
  • Combine Passing game with 1v1 attacking which is entertaining
  • Cultivates plenty of attacking options and opportunities

Key elements in defense

  • Pressing - Immediate pressure
  • Defend as far away from our goal as possible
  • Win the ball back as quickly as possible
  • Compactness
  • Pressure, cover and balance

Latest Posts

Eat Chipotle, help Alameda Soccer Club

on September 24, 2021

Calling all burrito lovers, Foil your dinner plans and stop by the Chipotle at 2610 5th St Ste A in Alameda for our fundraiser on Wednesday, October 06 from 5:00pm - 9:00pm. We’re raising money to support Alameda Soccer Club, so just download the flyer or mention the fundraiser at checkout and they’ll donate 33% of the proceeds to the cause! Can’t wait to see you!

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on September 12, 2021

Oakland Roots SC is thrilled to be hosting two club nights for Alameda Soccer Club at our home stadium at Laney College in downtown Oakland with exclusive game day experiences included! VS. The first is on Wednesday, October 6th as the Roots take on Sacramento Republic. Kickoff is at 7:00pm and tickets can be purchased through this link: https://fevo.me/asc1 VS.

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ASC Day at the Earthquakes

on August 16, 2021

The San Jose Earthquakes have reserved a block of seats at their October 23rd match against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Invite your friends, family, and neighbors and cheer on the local pros! The game is at PayPal Park about an hour’s drive down in San Jose. The game is on Saturday at 6:45 pm so plan ahead for Saturday evening traffic on the drive down to San Jose. Purchase tickets in ASC’s block of seats in Section 133 at PayPal Park.

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Spring Registration Opens Monday Feb 8, 2021

By James Nurthen on February 5, 2021

Spring registration opens on Monday Feb 8, 2021. We are so excited to have players back on the field! It’s been a long year. Hoping everyone is safe and healthy, and the kids are ready to play soccer. Currently, our plan is to have players practice twice weekly with their team, while we wait to get the green light to go back to playing games. The practice schedules will be set once registration is closed and teams are formed.

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