Dear Coaches and Managers,

Our Publicity Coordinator, Pia Abola, is looking for Fall season game highlights to be published each Friday in the Alameda Journal. You may assign a parent as team reporter or write these yourself.

Please provide a brief paragraph of highlights (~80 words), naming 5 to 6 different players each game (first and last name of who scored, assisted, defensive highlights). If you have two games in a weekend, feel free to provide one paragraph for each game.

Be sure to include your team name, final score, and age group/division, and note the following advice from The Alameda Journal: “try to keep the descriptive words to a minimum as they’ll be cut out regardless.”

Please see the following fictional example:

ASC Firebirds 3 vs Montclair Lizards 0, U12G Recreational Gold

Forward Annie Able scored her first of two goals in the Firebirds victory on a superb cross from right wing Betty Best. The Firebirds’ third goal came from Cindy Care on a direct kick that sailed over the Lizards’ wall to land high in the back of the net. Donna Dunn ensured the shut out with a very physical performance as Keeper.

Please send your paragraph to Pia via email ( by Monday 10 am to meet the Journal’s publishing deadline.