Process for requesting scrimmages

  1. During season of play (spring/fall) weekend scrimmage requests are made just the same as if you were requesting a regular NorCal league game.  You would fill out the form and note on that form that you are requesting a scrimmage. In turn that request will come through the system to the Jack London Field Coordinator.  Assuming field space is available, the Jack London Field Coordinator will schedule the game and it will show up in My Soccer League (MSL).  It is important to note that when scheduling a scrimmage in MSL there is no means to assign refs.  Should a particular team wish to have refs, that team would secure those refs on their own or request referee assignment through their respective club Ref Coordinator.  Also please note any such referee assignment will not be reimbursed by the league.
  2. During the season of play weekday scrimmage requests are made directly to the club’s field coordinator. The Jack London Field Coordinator’s involvement is not required in this.  For refs, same as noted above.
  3. During the off-season, any and all scrimmage requests either on weekdays or weekends follow the same directions as in Item #2 above, and for ref assignments as outlined in Item #1.