Competitive Tryout Policy & Procedures


The purpose of the Alameda Soccer Club competitive (select) team tryout and selection process is to ensure that all players receive a fair opportunity to join a team of their age group peers possessing similar soccer skills.

The Competitive Coordinator and Director of Coaching will be responsible for supervising the competitive team tryouts and all associated activities. This includes: coordination of tryouts, authorizing the participation of volunteers, independent evaluators, professional trainers, working with the field coordinator to schedule field space, and conferring with the coaches with respect to team formation.

Registration (We ask all families to register online at Team Snap, and bring printed forms with them)

  1. The Competitive Coordinator will distribute appropriate materials for tryouts as needed by evaluators/coaches (bib numbers, registration lists, parent sign up lists, etc.)
  2. Team managers and volunteers will jointly ensure that registration and sign-in run properly. Each head coach should make sure each parent/volunteer coaches understand their roles and perform them properly. (see separate materials for registration instructions)
  3. The Competitive Coordinator and authorized club representatives will answer all parent questions.

Age Groups

  1. Teams will be formed in all age groups in which there are sufficient players for a team that can play in a competitive flight.
  2. Teams will be kept age-pure to the extent possible depending on numbers of players at tryouts and matching players with similar skill levels.
  3. U12 and below players will be encouraged to play in their NORCAL designated age groups. Players will be allowed to “play up” in age with their parent’s consent, and it is in compliance with the ASC “play up” policy.

“Play up” Policy

  • U12 below: up to three players will be allowed to move up to the next age group. Must be in the top three players of the age appropriate group and top half of older age group.  Player should attend each age group tryout.
  • Final decision to be made by the DOC, Competitive Coordinator and involved coaches regarding the details of why a player should play up.
  • U13 and above teams (11v11) may be formed with a mix of age groups depending on the number of players at tryouts and matching skill levels of players to form teams of similar soccer skills.

Multiple Teams

  1. If there are enough players at tryouts capable of playing as a team in a competitive flight, a second and possibly a third team may be formed.
  2. The first team has first choice selecting any and all players.
  3. The second team may not attempt to contact a player to coerce a player from playing on the first team. If a player refuses a spot on the first team, they can not play for any other Islander team.

Team Selection

  • Only the ASC Competitive Coordinator, DOC, professional trainers (if applicable), credentialed parent/volunteer coaches and officially registered tryout players are allowed on the field. No other persons are allowed on the field (tryout area).  The ASC Competitive Coordinator will be empowered by the Alameda Soccer Club Board of Directors to ensure that this rule is upheld.

  • Independent evaluators selected by the club and credentialed parent/volunteer coaches who will coach the team (if any) will assess tryout players to select the team.

  • The head coach and evaluators will evaluate and rank players based on the following criteria:

    • Mental dimensions (character, discipline, and leadership)
    • Physical dimensions (endurance, strength, and speed)
    • Technical competence (soccer skills)
    • Playmaking ability and positional play (making runs, reading the game)
  1. Upon the completion of tryouts, the coaches, designated independent evaluator(s) and competitive coordinator will complete a list of players in each age and gender group, ranked by the player’s soccer skills.
  2. If the team has a parent/volunteer coach(es), then coach(es) will use the ranked list along with his/her understanding of player characteristics outside of basic skills to select the team.


  1. Coaches or the Competitive Coordinator will contact players that have been selected.
  2. Players/parents will be asked to sign and return a Player-Parent Contract confirming that they will be playing on the team on which they were selected to play and register for the Competitive Season on Team Snap. Once the player commitment letters are signed, players are expected to honor that commitment and the agreements outlined in the contract.