ASC Concussion Protocol

Everyone involved in youth sports is becoming aware of the risks associated with concussions. ASC is adopting policies consistent with already published concussion guidelines from the US Soccer Federation (USSF), where our focus is on the health and safety of our players. (USSF’s full Recognize to Recover injury prevention initiative, which also includes information on cardiac safety and heat-related illnesses, can be found here). All coaches must review the protocol and complete the online CDC training program on head trauma called “Heads UP: concussion in youth sports.

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E-Soccer Program for kids with Physical and Mental Disabilities

Alameda Soccer Club alumni Ethan Woon asked to let the community know about an organization that he is working with to teach the game of soccer to special needs children. If you know someone that would like to take advantage of (or donate to) this program, please contact Ethan. E-Soccer (Exceptional Children Soccer) is an all-volunteer, inclusive soccer program where typical and special needs children aged 5 and up participate alongside each other in an inclusive environment.

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Drills and Homework

I know it’s Summer and the last thing you want to think about is homework but the Summer is the best time to hone your skills and get ready for the Fall season Chris Lonsdale put together a great site with some exercises that players can do to improve their conditioning. ASC Islander Footskills has links to videos (like the one below) of workout drills that you can practice on your own to get ready for the upcoming season.

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