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Located at Piedmont High School. Take I-580 to Oakland Avenue/Harrison Street exit. Follow Oakland Avenue up hill and down, and through the light at Grand Avenue. The fourth right turn after crossing Grand Avenue is El Cerrito Avenue. Turn right on El Cerrito Avenue, and follow it to the field. At the end of El Cerrito, turn left for the U-14+ (football) field and turn right for the U-10(baseball)field. Please observe the following: 1. All spectators must remain in the stands at all times. 2. Only coaches and players are allowed on the fields or track areas. 2. No folding chairs are allowed on the fields or track areas at any time. 3. No food is allowed on the fields at any time. 4. No dogs are allowed on school grounds or fields at any time. 5. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on school grounds at any time. Schools are particularly sensitive to these issues due to serious damage potential from chairs poking holes in grass or track areas and the damage done from food contact with artificial surfaces.