Everything you need to know to become a referee. For further information, please contact [][1] for specific questions if they are not answered on these pages.

Due to COVID-19 there are NO ASC sponsored Referee Courses until it is established when play will resume.

Referees are a critical part of an organized soccer experience. Every referee in our league – from experts to beginners – comes from the ranks of parents and players.

• Free to attend (materials, class and field fees, and instructor are sponsored by ASC)
• If you pass the test, the registration fee will be paid to CNRA by ASC
• Uniform: ASC will provide the a complete Referee uniform set via Soccer Post in Alameda South Shore Mall.
• Expectation: Each Referee is expected to completed 5 games in a each Fall & Spring season
• Minimum age is 14 (as per JLYSL)
• Members of clubs outside JLYSL must pay a $10 fee to cover course materials

I hope all of the Referees have a very positive experience and thank you for your support.

John Richer
ASC Referee Coordinator

[1]: mailto: