Roles and Responsibilities of ASC Board Members

Executive Board


  • Presides over all Board meetings, is the official spokesperson for the ASC.
  • Oversees functions of other Board members and contractors involved in all contracts authorized by the Board.
  • Recruit both coaches and administrative volunteers.
  • Assist with tasks not covered by balance of volunteers.
  • Work towards increasing participation in the club at both the recreation and competitive levels..

First and Second Vice President

  • Act as aides to the President coordinating the administrative functions of the ASC (First) and coordinating functions directly involved with the play of the game (Second)


  • Keeps an accurate record of the proceedings and policy decisions of all scheduled ASC meetings


  • Maintains ASC financial records
  • Pays bills in timely manner
  • Insures taxes are filed
  • Insures Insurance coverage is obtained
  • Chairs the budget committee
  • Presents monthly budget updates to Board


  • Coordinates registration of all players on all teams with the ASC and the JLYSL
  • Provides players and coaches lists and completed player passes in a timely fashion
  • Chairs the scholarships committee

Elected Board

Age Division Coordinators

  • Screen and assign players to the various teams within the Coordinators’ age group and gender where applicable
  • Work with the Field Coordinator in developing a practice schedule for the various teams within the age group
  • Work with the Recreation Teams Coordinator to help schedule the Challenger Trainers and matches
  • Serve as communication link between the coaches and the Board

Match Coordinator*

  • Work with the Under 10 and older Age Division Coordinators to obtain information about teams for flighting purposes and provide such information to the JLYSL Match Coordinator
  • Ensure Referees are qualified to officiate the games that they have requested via MSL
  • Assign games to qualified Referee who have request games via MSL
  • Determine ASC games week-by-week per Spring & Fall season that need Referee(s)
  • Distribute list to all ASC Referees in an effort to get complete Referee crews for those games
  • Distribute the Referee List to Comp & Rec teams coaches & team managers
  • Work with, provide direction and guidance to all ASC Teams to get Referees to cover their games

Referee Coordinator*

  • Participate in the JLYSL Referee assignment process for all games and tournaments
  • Define, maintain, manage and balance the annual Referee budget
  • Devise and maintain a list of ASC Referees plus Referee Retention Program
  • Develop & document processes and procedures to oversee the ASC Referee Program
  • Keep up with IFAB (FIFA) and competition Laws-Of-The-Game changes plus disseminate to all ASC Referees/teams.
  • Manage/assist ASC teams with JLYSL Referee Credit Program – ensuring Rec teams qualify end-of-Fall Season Tournament
  • Participate & enhance the JLYSL Referee Development and Mentor programs
  • Serve on Disciplinary Committee
  • Maintain and enhance the ASC website referee pages

Field Coordinator*

  • Interact with ARPD regarding field scheduling, tournament play, user conflicts, etc.
  • Interact with JLYSL Field Coordinator/Match Coordinator for all Alameda field availability on Alameda fields (10 total)
  • Work with the Rec and Comp Coordinators in scheduling practice fields for each division
  • Ensure that fields are in good condition and properly lined for game play

Equipment Coordinator

  • Order, acquire and distribute such equipment and goalkeeper uniforms as required
  • Obtain the return of the equipment at the conclusion of the playing season
  • Store and maintain equipment in an orderly manner either at the equipment manager’s residence, business or other.
  • Manage and track any equipment stored offsite at school or local parks.
  • Keep running inventory of equipment on hand.
  • Distribute equipment to all teams prior to their respective seasons.
  • Select and order equipment required to support our programs and to have some “spare” equipment on hand at all times.
  • Organize the equipment hand out and collection process for each program.

Sponsorship Coordinator*

  • Elicit sponsorship of our teams and camps to help keep player fees minimized while maximizing the possible benefits to our sponsors
  • Work with director to offer a desirable sponsorship program to local businesses
  • Assist coaches and managers in contacting potential sponsors to obtain their support in person and in writing
  • Collect sponsorship data and fees
  • Work with webmaster to update website sponsor page
  • Work with club selected photographer on sponsor plaque design and distribution

Recreational Teams Coordinator*

  • Responsible for coordinating age group coordinators (AGC) – including recruit and direct AGCs
  • Solicit and nominate coaches in each age group
  • Assist in and resolve issues with the formation of teams
  • Work with the Registrar to assist in registration and issues resolution
  • Assist in training program implementation for Recreational teams – including the coordination with Challenger Sports
  • Review and update program goals and direction
  • Oversee the end-of-season all-star game
  • Work with the Trophy Coordinator as needed
  • Oversee Recreational Division budget
  • Work towards increasing participation in the club at both the recreation and competitive levels
  • Serve as communication link between Recreational team coaches and managers and the Board

Competitive Teams Coordinator

  • Coordinate competitive team tryouts
  • Solicit and nominate coaches
  • Assist in and resolve issues with the formation of teams
  • Work with the Registrar to assist in registration and issues resolution
  • Assist in practice field selection for Competitive Division coaches
  • Assist in training program implementation for Competitive teams – including the coordination with Challenger Sports
  • Review and update program goals and direction
  • Oversee Competitive Division budget
  • Work towards increasing participation in the club at both the recreation and competitive levels
  • Serve as communication link between competitive team coaches and team managers and the Board

Coaching Coordinator

Work directly with the ASC Director of Coaching (DOC) to assist and provide Club coaches with different avenues to gain knowledge on coaching tips and to help them understand their responsibilities within the club
Possibly develop/update and distribute a coaching manual
Assist DOC with coaching clinics before each season or when necessary

City Board Representative

  • Responsible for maintaining relations with the various City Boards and representatives
  • Attend various City Board meetings as required or directed by the Board of Directors

Directors at Large:

  • Serve at the direction of the Board and may be called upon to assist the ASC with special projects

JLYSL Representative

  • Represent ASC at JLYSL meetings (1st Monday month, 7:30 p.m. Oak.) (JLYSL consists of ASC, EBU, PSC and MSC)
  • Liason between the league and ASC on issues of concerns
    Subject to direction from ASC board, vote on JLYSL matters including budget, fields, referees, disciplinary matters, league affairs

School Representative

  • Ensure registration flyers and distributed in Alameda Schools.

Appointed Board

Director of Coaching

  • Support coaches with educational opportunities and direction with a focus on using current proven training methods
  • Track and promote coaches taking the age/level appropriate licensed courses
  • Attend NorCal RAC Meetings

Uniform Coordinator

  • Provide appropriate quality soccer wear to players/teams
  • Maintain relationship with Soccer Post
  • Coordinate uniform ordering for all Recreational and Competitive teams prior to seasons
  • Assess potential uniform changes

Picture Coordinator

  • Provide families with a cost effective memory and provide our sponsors with a memento of thanks
  • Maintain contact and relationship with Shooting Stars
  • Schedule photo day and make up day
  • Coordinate fields for photo day with field coordinator
    Distribute information to Recreational and competitive teams

Publicity Coordinator

  • Manage relationship with local publications (The Alameda Journal & The Alameda Sun) press releases and game summaries


  • Provide a platform (on the cyber) for our soccer club members to find program details, forms and procedures. Maintain club Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and coordinate involvement from parents or friends.

Referee Development

  • Create environment/process where all Referees can further develop knowledge and skills for safe/fair/fun experience.
  • Coordinate Referee Certification classes
  • Establish a Peer Mentoring Program which recognizes Referees need to develop basic and advanced skills to address the different requirements of the level of matches to which they are assigned

Trophy Coordinator

  • Ensure timely ordering and distribution of team awards

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Coordinator*

  • Set up PCA class to coincide with annual coaches meeting
    Track coaches completion of PCA course
  • Distribute zero tolerance document to all coaches to be shared with all parents/fans at beginning of season
  • Address any non-compliance issues with JLYSL and ASC President

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Create and manage ASC volunteer policy/pledge and manage database of volunteers
  • Ensure compliance to ASC volunteer policy/pledge
  • Assist and work with ASC program coordinators to identify volunteer needs for the club
  • Recruit required number of volunteers based on program and club needs.
  • Create volunteer schedules for events and track adherence to these schedules
  • Communicate regularly with volunteers to ensure preparedness and gather feedback
  • Lead a committee to assist in any of the above

Competitive Teams Manager Coordinator*

  • Creating and updating competitive teams manager manual
  • Training of managers/coaches at the beginning of the new season
  • Assists managers with player and team registration, league play, and other competitive team logistics and procedures

* denotes open role